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Illustrated by Demi
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When a raging fire threatens to burn down the forest, all of the animals run away in fear. All except for one brave little parrot,who has an idea. “Help me,” she cries to the elephants, beseeching them to fill their trunks with water to spray on the flames. “Help me!” she begs the cheetahs, even as they urge her to flee and save herself. But the brave little parrot will not be daunted. Can the determination and courage of one small bird be enough to save a forest?
In this traditional Buddhist folktale from India, humans learn from the animals: the monkey king’s action and wisdom serve as a model for the king of the humans.

Winner of the 2023 NYC BIG BOOK AWARD in the "Childrens-Inspirational" category. (The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers, and professional copywriters. Selected award winners and distinguished favorites are based on overall excellence.)

“This children's book is a fresh, relevant, moving take on an old wisdom tale."—Lion's Roar

“Children will celebrate the brave little parrot’s victory and ask for this story again and again. It’s a wonderful choice for reading aloud.”—Booklist

"Rafe Martin’s lyrical retelling brings to life an inspiring tale from ancient India … Today, as rain forests burn, this old tale of doing the one little thing you can takes on special meaning."—Publishers Weekly