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One Hand ClappingONE HAND CLAPPING: Zen Stories for All Ages
by Rafe Martin and
Manuela Soares
Illustrated by Junko Morimoto
Rizzoli, 1995


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The stories in this collection come from the Zen Buddhist tradition, from tales told by the Buddha himself to anecdotes from the lives of the Zen masters of China and Japan who helped pass on the Buddha’s teachings. These stories reflect the wisdom, directness, and spontaneity for which Zen is known.

“This thought-provoking collection, designed for ’the tender heart children and adults naturally share,’ provides a window onto the contemplative nature of Buddhism. The selections offer many layers of meaning for different levels of interest . . . Like beads on a necklace, the stories are strung together and unified by Morimoto’s (My Hiroshima) agile illustrations . . . Gracefully compiled and beautifully designed, this is a one-of-a-kind book. All ages.”
                                      —Publisher’s Weekly