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The Buddha's BirthTHE BUDDHA'S BIRTH
Illustrated by Vicki Wehrman

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“In this delightful book for children, Zen teacher and master storyteller Rafe Martin brings to life the magical story of The Buddha’s Birth.”

Rafe originally created a longer version for the Rochester Zen Center’s Vesak celebrations, when Rafe was a student of Roshi Philip Kapleau. In 1980 Rafe collaborated with illustrator Vicki Wehrman to publish a small commemorative booklet of The Buddha’s Birth with Vicki’s line illustrations.

Here in a newly revised version for children, Rafe’s loving retelling of the inspirational story of the infant Buddha’s birth is joined with Vicki’s colorful and exuberant illustrations to create an honoring of the Buddha and the heritage of peace, love and awakening he brought into the world.