Books by Rafe Martin

The Boy Who Lived With the SealsTHE BOY WHO LOVED MAMMOTHS
Illustrated by Richard Wehrman
Yellow Moon Press
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Here is the story of Will, a boy who believes that mammoths really exist, and who goes out to find one. When Will meets his mammoth in a snowstorm, the real threat of danger clashes with the equally real power of Will’s imagination. The magic and delight of this tale is brought to life by the 22 illustrations by award-winning artist Richard Wehrman. With its rich language and penetrating vision, this book will entrance children and adults alike. In short, this story demonstrates the creative power of the imagination, and will inspire readers to have faith in theirs.

You can also hear Rafe’s told version of this tale on the audiocassette Rafe Martin Tells His Children’s Books. This is the original, long literary version of the original story that Rafe turned into his award-winning picture-book Will’s Mammoth. The last section of this book is an essay on Rafe’s writing process and the origins, from his own childhood, of this award-winning story. A terrific companion to the picture-book version and a wonderful exploration of an author’s actual writing process.